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AWS and CCE provide you with the platform and resources to build and run applications that do not require server management. Serverless computing enables enterprises to build and run applications and services without having to provision or manage servers.

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What are serverless applications?

Whether you're building an API or a backend for real-time data processing, serverless computing lets you build and run applications without thinking about servers. There is no need to provision, scale, or manage servers. Fully managed services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Step Functions, and Amazon API Gateway can be used together to create virtually any application or backend with built-in high availability and automatic scaling.

Benefits of modern application development

Faster to market

By speeding up the build and release cycle and offloading operational overhead, developers can quickly build new features. Automated test and release processes reduce error rates, so products are market-ready faster.

Increased innovation

With a modular architecture, changes to any individual application component can be made quickly, and with a lower risk to the whole application, so teams can experiment with new ideas more often.

Improved reliability

By automating test procedures, and monitoring at every stage of the development lifecycle, modern applications are reliable at deployment. Any issues can be evaluated and addressed in real time.

Reduced costs

With a pay-for-value pricing model, modern applications reduce the cost of over-provisioning or paying for idle resources. By offloading infrastructure management, maintenance costs are also lower.

Common use cases

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Web Apps

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Mobile Backends

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IOT Backends

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Data Processing

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IT Automation

Focus on innovation, not on running servers

We provide organizations with the building blocks to develop and run serverless applications in the AWS Cloud. By leveraging the AWS serverless platform, organizations can eliminate the time and cost associated with deploying and managing servers, including patching and configuration, managing databases, installing security updates, scaling, and more. This enables organizations to improve operational efficiency, refocus technical resources on product innovation, and speed time to market.