VMWare Cloud on AWS

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VMware Cloud on AWS is a cloud solution developed by VMware in collaboration with AWS. The service uses VMware’s proven on-premises solution stack in AWS Cloud which gives similar on-premises experience to IT administrators. It’s already being offered in various regions worldwide along with add-on services to provide various application possibilities.

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HYBRID CLOUDAdvantages VMware Cloud on AWS.

  • Easy cloud migration at any scale
  • Move applications in cloud while maintaining their IP address
  • Compress data during AWS cloud migration for optimized bandwidth usage
  • Secure hybrid vMotion (Bi-Directional migration between VMC and on-premise)
  • Handle burst-in infrastructure demands automatically by using elastic DRS
  • Control cloud infrastructure using consolidated view on familiar management UI
  • VMWare´s industry best practices / recommendations are packaged as part of service offering
Faster migration
46 %
Reduction of total cost of ownership
43 %
Five-year ROI
479 %
VMC on AWS: Use Cases


Migrate existing data and workloads to the cloud. Migration with VMware Cloud on AWS is a cost-effective way to implement a hybrid cloud solution by leveraging same on premises VMware tools stack in AWS cloud. Within a short period of time, hundreds of workloads can be migrated without loss and are then available in a high-performance cloud environment.


Extension of the existing on-premises infrastructure by adding additional compute power in Public Cloud. The expansion through the VMC on AWS opens new possibilities and offers opportunities. This service enables customers to securely increase availability of applications by providing complete infrastructure in different geographies without investment of building new datacentre facility. Also, on demand raw compute power provided by this service can be used for handling seasonal peak demands from applications.

Disaster Recovery

Protect data by securely replicating from on-premises vSphere environment to AWS Cloud and choose critical application workload to run in Cloud on demand. This offering provides secure method to enable Disaster Recovery (DR) as a Service in AWS cloud. Customers get benefit of saving CAPEX cost by eliminating the requirement of physical datacentre location for DR purpose. This service also allows existing VMC on AWS customers to host DR in different geographical regions on AWS.

Virtual Desktop

VMC on AWS offers VMware Horizon as add-on service, which enable companies to provide enterprise class desktop as a service experience running on secure and controlled environment. Main benefit of this service is that it can be connected to on-premises horizon deployment that automatically provide virtual desktops to end users from VMC on AWS in case of unavailability of their on-premises desktops. Designed to run desktop environment in optimised fashion, it can efficiently handle uncertain increase in requirement by using elastic DRS to add additional hosts to the overall capacity.


Creation of modern applications by integrating native Cloud services. Applications can be modernised by integrating AWS services for various areas such as AI, ML or IoT. Within the cloud, AWS services can be used to create new applications, which can also be constructed as hybrid applications and thus communicate both with the cloud and with the conventional infrastructure.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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What is VMware Cloud on AWS?
VMware Cloud on AWS is the preferred service for AWS for all vSphere-based workloads. VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware's enterprise-class SDDC software to the AWS cloud with optimized access to native AWS services. VMware Cloud on AWS is built on VMware Cloud Foundation and integrates VMware computing, storage, and network virtualization products (VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX) along with VMware vCenter Server management for a dedicated, flexible bare metal AWS infrastructure.
Why should I use VMware Cloud on AWS?
The required resources can be made available therotically with a few clicks. Nevertheless, a project can also take several months, which can vary depending on the size/scope of the project and the required integrations.
What are my first steps with VMware Cloud on AWS?
With a new purchase, you can buy VMware Cloud on AWS directly through us as a partner in the AWS Partner Network. This gives customers the flexibility to purchase VMware Cloud on AWS from AWS or VMware or from us as an AWS solution provider. Through our partnership, customers can leverage additional services such as Amazon RDS for VMware.
Can workloads running in a VMware Cloud on AWS instance be integrated with AWS services?
Yes. VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC connects directly to your VPC through an Elastic Network interface, so you have access to AWS services. Virtual machine workloads can access public API endpoints for AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon S3, and Elastic Load Balancing, as well as private resources in the customer's Amazon VPC such as Amazon EC2, and data and analytics services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon Redshift. As a customer, you can also leverage Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) for a fully managed file service to automatically scale file-based storage to petabyte scale with high availability and longevity across multiple availability zones. They can also leverage the latest generation of VPC endpoints to access AWS services while maintaining all traffic on the AWS network.