AppStream - Delivering Desktop Applications to Any Computer

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AppStream - Delivering Desktop Applications to Any Computer

Application virtualization (application streaming) is a method of providing centralized resources. It combines the advantages of virtualization with those of locally installed applications. One of the solutions comes from Appstream.

Securely deploy desktop applications to any computer

Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed application streaming service that allows you to centrally manage your desktop applications on AppStream and securely deploy them to any computer. You can easily scale to any number of users around the world without having to purchase, provision, or operate hardware or infrastructure.


Appstream - scale without limits, without deploying or operating hardware.

AppStream 2.0 is built on AWS, so you benefit from a data center and network architecture designed for the most security-sensitive enterprises. Every user has a smooth and responsive experience with your applications, including GPU-intensive 3D design and construction applications, because your applications run on virtual machines (VMs) optimized for specific use cases, and each streaming session automatically adapts to network conditions.

What can you do with Amazon AppStream 2.0?

You can use AppStream to simplify your application deployment.

With the AppStream service, you can:

  • Run desktop applications on any device, including Windows and Linux PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks.
  • Maintain a single version for all your users with easy access to your users from anywhere,
  • Instantly access desktop applications (i.e. no large files to download or time-consuming installs),
  • Keep applications and data in the AWS cloud so you can isolate your applications for secure delivery.
  • Integrate your IT environment, including on-premises and Amazon Web Services; and
  • Take advantage of a fully managed service that you don't have to maintain.

You can run desktop applications on any device, including Windows, Linux, Macs, and Chromebooks. Everything is fully managed by Amazon, and all your apps and data are stored on Amazon Web Services. This means you benefit from cutting-edge security like network firewalls, web application firewalls, a secure streaming gateway, encryption in transit across all services, while having the ability to deploy your applications securely and in isolation to your employees.

You will always have access to the latest version of your applications and minimize the risk of sensitive data being compromised because the data is stored in Amazon's cloud infrastructure.

Deploy desktop applications to any computer

Users can access the desktop applications they need, whenever they need them. AppStream streams your applications from AWS to any computer. AppStream takes into account which functions each user is using, and streams only the data needed to do so to the client. The benefit here is that the solution doesn't waste bandwidth or transmit too much unnecessary data.

If a user restarts an application that has already been streamed, Appstream first checks whether there is newer data on the server and only transmits the changed data. This reduces bandwidth consumption because not all applications are always retransmitted. In particular, applications that users work with regularly start much faster this way. AppStream also supports the ability to use applications offline once they have been streamed. Field staff or employees in other branches can continue to work on the applications once they have been streamed, even if there is no connection to the AppStream server. As soon as the connection to the server is available again, AppStream checks whether applications have been renewed on the client and performs an update in the background if necessary.

In summary - AppStream advantages

Scaling without infrastructure

AppStream is fully managed on AWS and available globally at a pay-as-you-go price. You can easily scale your application streaming to any number of users around the world without purchasing, provisioning, and operating hardware or infrastructure.

Secure applications and data

Applications and data are not stored on users' computers. Your applications are streamed as encrypted pixels and access data is secured within your network. AppStream runs on AWS, so you benefit from a data center and network architecture designed for the most security-sensitive organizations.

Provide a fluid and responsive user experience.

Each user's applications are highly responsive because they run on VMs optimized for their use cases. The NICE DCV protocol automatically adapts each streaming session to network conditions for a fluid user experience.

Centralized application management

Every user accesses the same version of your applications. Manage your applications centrally on AppStream 2.0, eliminating the need to worry about installations and updates on individual users' computers.

Integrate with your IT

AppStream 2.0 connects to your Active Directory, network, cloud storage, and file shares. Users access applications with their existing credentials, and your existing security policies manage access. Extensive APIs integrate AppStream 2.0 with your IT solutions.

Use cases

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions use AppStream to provide each student/pupil with access to a wide variety of applications they need for class on each computer. This makes it easy to manage applications for each class. The installation and configuration is easily done with a few clicks.

Trials, demos, training for staff

Software vendors can use AppStream to provide trial versions, demos and training for their applications without downloads or installations. They can also develop a full software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution without having to rewrite their application. Likewise, you can enable your sales team to deliver sales demos for your software across any device. Similarly, you can deliver training and certification workshops for your software without a physical lab and without training time.

3D design and construction

With AppStream, your users can access CAD, CAM and CAE applications such as SOLIDWORKS, Siemens NX, MathWorks MATLAB or AVEVA Everything 3D on any computer. Every user experience is smooth and responsive because your applications run on virtual machines (VMs) optimized for their use cases, and that NICE DCV program automatically adjusts each streaming presentation to network conditions.

Try Appstream 2.0

The Try It Now feature gives you 30-minutes to experience sample business, design, engineering, and software development applications. You can upload and open your own files, save and print your work.

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