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AWS Auto Scaling

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AWS Auto Scaling

Application scaling to optimize costs and performance

AWS Auto Scaling is a tool for automatic load monitoring and capacity adjustment. The advantages of AWS Auto Scaling compared to traditional solutions by providers are mainly lower costs due to usage-based billing and that it is much faster in providing capacities.

Auto Scaling offers all components for a powerful online application. As soon as a predefined threshold is exceeded, resources are automatically added and subsequently switched off when they are no longer needed. Adding resources can be easily limited to ensure optimal cost control. This is done in a few minutes using existing images. In addition, an automatic status check is performed and faulty instances are immediately replaced.

An alternative to permanent monitoring is targeted scheduling and manual adjustment using Scheduled Scaling. Scheduled Scaling is particularly suitable for foreseeable increased loads. Predictable increased loads are for example Christmas or Black Friday. Scheduled Scaling ensures immediate availability for the planned period and also offers optimal cost monitoring.