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Cloud in startups

To be successful as a young company, many factors are important. Especially for startups, it is important to be agile and innovative in order to stand out from other market participants. The cloud offers an optimal opportunity for startups to found and grow.

Take off - found and grow

That startups and your business ideas can fail due to IT resources has been a serious issue for a long time and kept a lot of creative minds from founding due to fear. Investments in hardware and software can become costly problems that ultimately mean the end. Thanks to cloud computing, that has changed. Instead of investing in the business future and IT infrastructure with risk, computing capacities including development environments are now available on demand. Thanks to a pay-per-use model, only what is actually needed is booked and paid for.

Reduce costs - use what you need, pay for what you use

The cloud takes the uncertainty away from founders and young companies. Project-related fluctuations make IT requirements difficult to calculate. Suppose demand turns out to be much higher than expected? Or much worse, what happens if customers fail to materialize? The risk is too high of being left sitting on expensive IT resources. One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is that there is no costly investment to build server hardware and data centers. Thus, you can not only save costs, but through cloud-based work applications, become an agile business that can access its data anytime, anywhere. Therefore, for agile business development, flexible cloud offerings offer great advantages. Using cloud software makes you flexible, because there are no major hardware purchases or network installations to eat up your budget. Neither server capacities nor security standards need to be adapted. You use what you need and pay for what you use.


Live flexibility and innovation.

Startups need all their energy for their visions. Especially in the startup phase, there is little time to spend on time-consuming administrative issues. Automating business processes in your company is an important step towards the future. Automating applications that are executed more frequently bring the benefits of being able to repeat activities accurately and as often as you want, no human error due to incorrectly executed commands, and most importantly there is a massive savings in time. While the flexible AWS architecture improves business agility, automation enables faster innovation and frees up employees to spend more time on important tasks. In this way, you can make innovation live in the enterprise and significantly reduce time-to-market.

One of the biggest advantages for startups is that they are provided with services right from the start, to which otherwise newly founded companies do not have access. AWS offers startups a wide range of services on its cloud platform and the chance to live innovation in the company. Thus, startups benefit from technology and services that run at the highest level without having to deal with the development of these. This possibility offers startups incredible opportunities in opening up new markets and testing new products. Thanks to the pay-per-use model, services can be booked and used as needed to test new applications, and the services used are billed per hour, only paying for what is actually used. In this way, startups can make innovation a part of their everyday business and save their budget at the same time.

Startup Programs

Likewise, AWS, supports young companies with mentoring, bootcamps, events and coaching programs, enabling them to start and grow on an optimal foundation. AWS also supports young companies with mentoring, funding, events, and coaching programs, enabling them to start and grow on an optimal foundation.

For example, the AWS Activate program provides startups with the resources they need to get up and running quickly - including seed funding, coaching, and support. In addition to this support, founders are given access to technical experts and numerous AWS events and workshops. In this way, AWS Activate helps them innovate, develop, and grow.

Learn more about AWS Startup Programs.

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