Cloud TechnologyCloud in the SME sector

Increasing digitalisation is omnipresent and a reorientation of existing infrastructures is therefore inevitable.

A successful digital transformation is extremely important for long-term competitiveness and the associated business success. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important in this context, but this represents a complex challenge for medium-sized companies, as the integration of a public cloud into existing infrastructures requires specific know-how. This implies above all the handling of existing applications such as Lift and Shift (unmodified transfer) or Re-Platforming (adaptation to the new platform) as well as finding the optimal balance between costs and performance, while also keeping the budget in mind.

Public clouds are becoming increasingly popular with IT managers. They serve as a practical extension of the local infrastructure and offer connectivity to mobile devices, pay-per-use billing models and the rapid processing of huge amounts of data in big-data scenarios. They also act as a platform for innovation and dynamization and offer complete development platforms in the PaaS model (Platform as a Service), cloud-native services (microservices) and, in addition, ready-made modules for digital applications – for example IoT, Big Data, Social Media, Business Analytics, or AI.

However, in order to be able to grasp the totality of all these possibilities, a distinctive expertise is required. Professional monitoring of the use and utilization of cloud resources is essential.

Advantages of cloud-based services for medium-sized businesses

Cost efficiency

No investment required

Pay per use only

Savings can be invested directly in value creation


Immediate access to services and thus fast reaction to market changes


Example Amazon: worldwide locations = low latency times, short transmission paths

Amazon is available in 18 geographical regions in 54 Availability Zones


Large selection of services, which are continuously developed


Flexible adding and removing of capacities at any time enables agile and scalable action

Certified IT security

Certified by the Federal Office for Information Security

Customer decides where which data is stored (geographical region)

According to surveys, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are currently considered to be the market leaders in the public cloud and are constantly driving the market forward.