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From 02.12.19 to 06.12.19, the AWS conference "re:Invent" took place in Las Vegas with about 65,000 visitors. Amazon Web Service has released a number of new services. In the following, we have summarized the most important innovations.

AWS Outposts available

AWS Outposts was already introduced at re:invent 2018 and now the service is available worldwide. These are fully managed and configurable compute and storage racks built with AWS-developed hardware that enable customers to run compute and storage functions on-premises while seamlessly connecting to the wide range of AWS services in the cloud. AWS Outposts bring native AWS services, infrastructure, and operating models to virtually any data center, co-location space, or on-premise facility. With AWS Outposts, customers can use the same AWS APIs, control plane, tools, and hardware on premise as they do in the AWS cloud to deliver a truly consistent, hybrid experience.

New container technologies.

It is now possible to use Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) with AWS Fargate. Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) makes it easier to run Kubernetes applications on AWS. AWS Fargate enables serverless computing for containers. With Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate, customers now get the serverless benefits of Fargate, the best practices of Amazon EKS and the extensibility of Kubernetes ready to use. According to AWS, 40% of all new container users start with Fargate's serverless technology to avoid the problem of "overprovisioning."

AI & Machine Learning.

In machine learning, Amazon announced SageMaker Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) for machine learning (ML) that makes it easy to build, train, debug, deploy and monitor machine learning models. It contains everything a data scientist needs to get started, including ways to organize notebooks, datasets, code and models. It's essentially meant to be a one-stop store for all the machine learning tools and results needed to get started.

Amazon Kendra is a new highly accurate and easy-to-use enterprise search service based on machine learning. Kendra provides a more intuitive way to search and discover information stored in the vast amount of content spread across your organization.

Amazon CodeGuru is focused on helping developers write and commit code with minimal errors. CodeGuru reviews code and provides a score that can detect anomalies, concurrency issues and incorrect input, among other things. This announcement has created a buzz in the developer community for the ability to flag some of your most expensive lines of code.

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