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Many factors are important for a young company to operate successfully in the market. Especially for startups it is important to be agile and innovative to stand out from other market participants. The AWS cloud offers startups an optimal opportunity to establish and grow.

Cloud Strategy

Develop further. Together we will find your cloud strategy that will help you grow as a company and survive in the market.

Building serverless applications

Serverless computing enables startups to build and run applications and services without having to deploy or manage servers.

Microsoft Workloads to the AWS Cloud

The benefits for your Microsoft workloads on AWS are versatile and also customizable. We are happy to assist you with our cloud experts for an all-encompassing analysis for the entire migrations.

Applications in the cloud

Modern applications create competitive advantages by enabling rapid innovation. You can experiment more and turn ideas into publications faster. Modern applications are the foundation for companies to innovate quickly and agilely.


For serverless applications, you don't need to provision, scale, and manage servers.

Frontend & Backend Development

Our service includes full front & back end development so you can benefit from high quality applications to create an experience for your customers.

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Everything you need to get started!

AWS not only offers startups a cloud platform with around 160 services, but also enables them to scale their IT needs on a pay-per-use model. The services include a wide range of applications that help you develop quickly in the market by gaining digital competence.

AWS - Startup programs

AWS Activate

Get access to AWS credits, technical support, and free training with the Activate Founders program.

AWS Marketplace Launch Program

The AWS Marketplace Starter Program connects you as an enterprise to a wide range of customers based on the AWS customer network.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Not finding the answer you're looking for? Contact our customer support team.

How can my company get started using cloud services the right way?
There is no such thing as a universal cloud solution. Every company has individual requirements for which an optimal cloud strategy must be determined. We support you in answering these questions in a non-binding initial meeting and work with you to develop the right cloud strategy based on our experience and in-depth know-how.
How long does it take to implement a cloud solution?
The required resources can theoretically be made available with a few clicks. Nevertheless, a project can also take several months, which can vary depending on the size/scope of the project and the required integrations.
How secure is my data in the cloud?
The cloud enhances security - The core infrastructure meets the security requirements of, for example, government institutions, global banks and other organizations for which security is of the utmost importance. Thus, today, modern cloud services, classic on-premise solutions are superior in almost every way.
How much does the cloud cost as a platform?
The cost of the solution and implementation depends on several factors, including the following: Quantity and complexity of interfaces, effort and complexity of customization resulting from the customer's specific requirements. Operation in the cloud is charged on demand and individually, according to the resources you use.