Cloud Migration

It's time for the Cloud!

Who is Cloud Migration for?

Managed Cloud Migration is aimed at companies that need a complete turnkey solution. With this procedure, you do not need to allocate your own resources to plan and execute the migration. Instead, our AWS experts manage everything: from planning and designing the migration to implementation, everything is in reliable hands. With this type of migration, all workloads can be moved individually – application, Web site, database, storage, physical or virtual server, or an entire data center – from a local environment, hosting facility or other public cloud to AWS, depending on your needs.

The Managed Cloud Migration process passes through various phases, which are explained in more detail below:


Analysis of your business model, requirements and goals

First of all, an application analysis must be carried out to get an overview of existing systems and applications and the relationship between them. Subsequently, it is first checked whether all applications are suitable for migration to the cloud, which applications are no longer relevant in the future and can therefore be removed, and which applications may need to be optimized in the course of migration.

As part of the migration, application analysis provides the first opportunity to reduce costs by uncovering and removing unused or unoptimized resources.

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    Planning, development, implementation, operation: The all-round carefree package

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    Cost savings through identification of unnecessary hardware and software

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    Personal advice from experienced experts