CCE - Amazon Web Service Partner

As an official AWS consulting partner, we are the optimal cloud migration partner for German companies.


Your Partner for AWS Cloud Migration

As an AWS partner at the German level, we determine your individual requirements for your optimal cloud strategy and support you in designing, migrating and managing your workloads and applications in the cloud.


What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform, with more than 200 feature-rich services delivered from globally distributed data centers. Millions of customers - including some of the fastest-growing startups and largest corporations, as well as major government agencies - rely on AWS to become more agile, reduce costs, and innovate faster.

31%average infrastructure cost savings

43%fewer security incidents per year

62%more efficient IT infrastructure management

69%less unplanned downtime


CCE as AWS Partner

As an APN consulting partner, we help you, as a future AWS customer, implement, deploy and manage an AWS cloud solution to make your business more profitable and responsive to the new digital services your customers demand. Our goal is to increase their flexibility by integrating innovative cloud applications into your business. We offer you the scalability of the leading and largest cloud provider on the market, the flexibility of a local partner, and the expertise of a strategic, trusted advisor.

That's what AWS Cloud can do!

Reduction of operating costs

because replacing outdated IT infrastructures with more efficient cloud solutions is virtually guaranteed to reduce costs.

Increased IT & employee productivity

the flexible cloud architecture improves business agility. Migration frees up your employees' time for the important tasks.

Faster time to market

Automation allows you to live innovation in your company and significantly reduce your time-to-market.

Fewer security incidents

Modernization helps improve your security and ensures resilience with high availability and virtually unlimited failover capacity.

Why you should choose us as your German AWS partner!

With our location in Darmstadt, we are available for our customers throughout Germany at any time. To ensure that your applications run stably and securely, we take care of your cloud and all related issues 24/7. So you can turn to us at any time for your digital challenges in the complex IT area and optimal cloud solutions.

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It is important to me that your company can generate sustainable value through our help. Our philosophy is to meet our customers at eye level and not to flaunt technical terms.


T. Schümann, CEO @ Cloud Consulting Europe

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Tassilo Portig - Head of Sales

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This is how CCE and AWS, help companies transform to the cloud.

AWS Select Consulting Partner

We’re here to help

Our goal is to ensure that a well-defined relationship with you is established and maintained. You determine individually which of our services and support you need for your everyday business. With us you have the choice, whether cloud or on-premise installation, we offer you your individual cloud solution, tailored to your business.

You still have questions?

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Not finding the answer you're looking for? Contact our customer support team.

How can my company get started using cloud services the right way?
There is no such thing as a universal cloud solution. Every company has individual requirements for which an optimal cloud strategy must be determined. We support you in answering these questions in a non-binding initial meeting and work with you to develop the right cloud strategy based on our experience and in-depth know-how.
How long does it take to implement a cloud solution?
The required resources can theoretically be made available with a few clicks. Nevertheless, a project can also take several months, which can vary depending on the size/scope of the project and the required integrations.
How secure is my data in the cloud?
The cloud enhances security - The core infrastructure meets the security requirements of, for example, government institutions, global banks and other organizations for which security is of the utmost importance. Thus, today, modern cloud services, classic on-premise solutions are superior in almost every way.
How much does the cloud cost as a platform?
The cost of the solution and implementation depends on several factors, including the following: Quantity and complexity of interfaces, effort and complexity of customization resulting from the customer's specific requirements. Operation in the cloud is charged on demand and individually, according to the resources you use.

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