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There is no such thing as a universal cloud solution. Every company has individual requirements for which an optimal cloud strategy must be determined.

In order to be able to achieve the defined business goals in the course of time, it is particularly important to develop a suitable strategy together with you and to identify the right cloud technologies. To do this, we rely on close cooperation with you to evaluate the available options.

Throughout the entire process, we stand firmly by your side as a competent partner and accompany you step by step on your way to the cloud environment.

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Five steps to your right cloud solution.


Requirements & Demand

Acquisition of the actual state

Our certified cloud architects work with you to analyze all business processes and the potential of your existing IT infrastructure.
Identification of the critical applications
Cost savings through identification of unnecessary hardware and software
Personal advice from experienced experts

Analysis & conception

Analysis of your business model, requirements and goals.

A precise requirements analysis and conceptual design are then carried out with the help of a cloud assessment. In addition, a cost and license analysis is carried out. This is followed by a consultation regarding suitable cloud solution architectures, which are presented in the overall context.
Objective recommendations for action
Cloud readiness analysis
Determination of the objective

Determine your cloud solution

Development of the objective architecture

A design of your optimal cloud architecture and the definition of the service parameters takes place.
Selection of technology
Creation of solution concept
Cost calculation

Migration planning

Planning the necessary resources

Subsequently, a migration planning takes place with the help of a roadmap.
Planning of the possible downtimes

Realization of the project

Implementation of the overall project

The fifth and final step of the consulting is the realization and/or monitoring of the cloud migration -or- optimization.
Consulting, planning, operation: everything from a single source
Go-Live Support
Picture of our contact person Tassilo Portig

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Tassilo Portig - Head of Sales

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This is how CCE and AWS, help companies transform to the cloud.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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How can my company get started using cloud services the right way?
There is no such thing as a universal cloud solution. Every company has individual requirements for which an optimal cloud strategy must be determined. We support you in answering these questions in a non-binding initial meeting and work with you to develop the right cloud strategy based on our experience and in-depth know-how.
How long does it take to implement a cloud solution?
The required resources can theoretically be made available with a few clicks. Nevertheless, a project can also take several months, which can vary depending on the size/scope of the project and the required integrations.
How secure is my data in the cloud?
The cloud enhances security - The core infrastructure meets the security requirements of, for example, government institutions, global banks and other organizations for which security is of the utmost importance. Thus, today, modern cloud services, classNameic on-premise solutions are superior in almost every way.
How much does the cloud cost as a platform?
The cost of the solution and implementation depends on several factors, including the following: Quantity and complexity of interfaces, effort and complexity of customization resulting from the customer's specific requirements. Operation in the cloud is charged on demand and individually, according to the resources you use.