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With the selection of the appropriate cloud technology and the development of an individual roadmap, the starting signal for the migration has been given.

We take care of the entire migration process while your daily business processes continue to run smoothly.


When migrating existing systems, the goal is to convert them to the new environment with minimal downtime. The following methods can be used for this:

Lift & Shift

Virtual machines (VMs) or even hardware-based servers are exported from the existing infrastructure using suitable tools, such as the AWS Import / Export service, and rolled out to virtual machines (EC2 instances) in the cloud.


During migration, optimization takes place with regard to the infrastructure (e.g. number of virtual CPUs in a VM or update to a newer operating system version). If necessary, minor adjustments to the software are required or a new installation must be carried out in the target platform.


Refactoring is the partial replacement of existing components, in which certain use cases of the application are replaced by cloud services. In the case of rearchitecting, or replacement, the goal is a complete redevelopment of the application with cloud-native services.

Securing competitive advantage

Become future ready

Cloud migration is no longer an option - it is the standard.

So if you don't continuously check your IT systems and applications to make sure they are up to date and adapt them accordingly, you won't be able to hold your own against the competition in the long term. With our cloud solutions, you kill two birds with one stone:

Cost efficiency

You pay only for the performance you need at the moment. No tons of server costs for unused resources.


You react in an optimal way to the market situation, because our cloud systems are scalable at any time and can be adapted completely flexibly to your respective needs.

Process of your Cloud Migration at Cloud Consulting Europe


After a detailed consultation, we propose the optimal cloud model, taking into account your IT applications and services.


We ensure detailed planning of your customized cloud solution, including timeline as well as go-live date.


The migration is carried out in your company without interrupting or disrupting your daily business processes.


Our cloud experts monitor your company's cloud architecture around the clock. If, contrary to expectations, incidents occur, measures can thus be taken immediately to ensure continuity and data security.

We offer an all-round service

With us, the step into the unknown holds no risks - only advantages

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    Your personal cloud expert will advise you with no obligation - even on site if you wish.

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    We analyze your current framework conditions and provide you with recommendations for optimally suitable cloud solutions.

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    Your individual cloud solution is planned according to your individual needs. Maximum security and flexible scalability are the top priorities.

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    We typically offer effective cost savings compared to traditional IT solutions.

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    Our certified cloud migration experts actively support your data move and are available around the clock.

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    The cloud migration is carried out in your company without interrupting or disrupting your daily business processes. We plan possible downtimes together with you, for example, at times when there are few visitors.

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    Your personal cloud expert is standing firmly by your side throughout your cloud journey and beyond.

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    Beyond the migration, continuous optimizations and scaling continue to take place so that your personal cloud solution is continuously optimally adapted to your needs.