Time for the cloud!

Start with on-demand provisioning of IT resources over the Internet at usage-based prices. Without having to purchase, own and maintain data centers and servers. You can migrate any type of workload - application, database, storage, physical or virtual server - or an entire data center from an on-premises environment to AWS.

We support you in achieving your goals!

With us you are only 4 steps away from your individual cloud solution and thus from many advantages.

fewer monthly security incidents
higher IT & employee productivity
reduction of operating costs

1. Analysis

Analysis of your business model, requirements and goals

In order to migrate quickly and securely, an application analysis must first be performed to determine how AWS can help you and how we can simplify the migration to help you realize all the benefits of the cloud in your business.

step 1

2. Conception & Planning

Tailor-made concepts according to best practices

Once the infrastructure has been analyzed and an overview of all applications and their relationships has been created, the conceptual design of your individual AWS infrastructure begins. The focus here is on questions such as:

  • 1. What basic performance requirements must the future infrastructure meet?

  • 2. Do you run a webshop and do you have a strongly varying workload, as well as possible load peaks?

  • 3. What are the potential challenges that your infrastructure may face in the future and how can you best address them?

Through this evaluation, we tailor your AWS infrastructure to your needs. So that we can bring you into the cloud safely and at the right time.

Illustration von Servern verbunden mit Cloud

3. Implementation & Migration

Tailor-made concepts according to best practices

In this phase, the previously planned migration is implemented using offered AWS services. For example, if you want to migrate an existing database to the cloud, AWS offers AWS Database Migration Service to migrate the data with minimal downtime.

If you need to migrate very large amounts of data in a short period of time, but do not have the appropriate infrastructure, you can use the AWS Snow Family service, which uses physical disks for migration.


4. After the migration - Managed Services

Tailor-made concepts according to best practices


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